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Hoosier Plasma

a division of High Performance Alloys, Inc.

Local Plasma Cutting

Hoosier Plasma offers high quality custom cutting in Indiana and throughout the Midwest. Hoosier Plasma was established as a division of High Performance Alloys, allowing the company to position itself as an industry leader and to leverage the latest cutting technology.

Plasma cutting service

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Plasma Solutions

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Here are some facts about our Hi-Def Plasma capability:





Titanium bodies | Engine components (aluminum, titanium, heat-resistant alloys)


Interior trim (instrument panels, door panels) | Firewall, under-hood, etc | Grille Inserts | Truck bed liners


Flat stock (aluminum, Stainless Steel, mild steel, titanium, brass, Inconel, tool steel, copper)

(Note: we do not carry all these materials listed - but we will cut them on a toll basis.)



Cut almost any metal

From metals like steel, aluminum and Stellite.

Wide range of thicknesses cut

From as thin as 0.018 inch to 3 inches, and even thicker material cuts are possible.

Cutting table is 10 feet x 21 feet

Pieces can be cut from sheets or plates as large as the table. Larger format allows for nesting of parts to achieve the best yields possible.

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